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List of vendors
(subject to change)

(click name for contact info)

Afri Orchids - South Africa
Amazonia Orchids - Homestead
Andy's Orchids - Encinitas
Asendorfer-Orchideenzucht - Germany
AWZ Orchids -  Brazil
BL Orchids - Miami
Bela Vista Orchids - Brazil
Best of Thai Orchids -Thailand
Blumen Insel's Orchids - Japan

Broward Orchid Supply, Hollywood
Cal Orchid - Santa Barbara, California
Carib Plants - Redland
Carolina Orchids - South Carolina
Ching Hua Orchids - Taiwan
Clori Orquideas - Argentina
Dan & Margie Orchids - Ft. Lauderdale
Ecuagenera CIA -Ecuador
EFG Orchids - Deland, FL
Far East Agriculture - Malaysia
Floralia Orquidarios Reunidos -Brazil
Florida Suncoast Orchids - Myaka City
Gines Orchids - Hilo
Gold Country Orchids - Lincoln
H&R Orchids - Waimanalo
Hamlyn Orchids Ltd. - Jamaica

Henington Farm - Homestead
Joseph Wu Orchids, Taiwan
Kawamoto Orchid Nursery - Honolulu
Krull-Smith Landscape - Apopka
Laurel Orchids - Jupiter
Louis Del Favero Orchids - Tampa
Louisiana Orchid Connection - Baton Rouge
Mac's Orchids - Fort Lauderdale
Motes Orchids - Redland
Nature's Relics - Hollywood, FL
Odom's Orchids - Fort Pierce
OFE International - Miami
Ooi Leng Sun Orchids - Malaysia
Orchid Acres - Lake Worth
Orchid Eros - Hawaii
Orquideas Amazonicas - Peru
Orquideas Cerro Verde - Caracas
Orquideas Del Valle - Colombia
Orquideas Tropicales - Panama
Orquifollajes Orchid Growers - Colombia
PCK Orchids - Miami,
Peruflora -  Peru
Phrao Orchid Nursery - Thailand
Plantio La Orquidea -Venezuela
Popow Orchids - Germany
Purificacion Orchids - Phillipines
Quest Orchids - Miami
R&R Orchids - Loxahatchee
RF Orchids - Homestead
Ruben in Orchids - Miami
Sedona Orchids - Homestead
Seed Engei -Japan

Soroa Orchids - Redland
Springwater Orchids - Melbourne
Stelmar Gardens - Homestead
Sunset Valley Orchids - Vista
Ritter's Tropic 1 Orchids - Kissimmee
Ten Shin Gardens - Taiwan
Waldor Orchids - Linwood
Water Orchids - Taiwan
Whimsy Orchids - Homestead
Woodland Orchids - Charlotte

AOS judging begins at
3:00pm on Thursday.
Plant entries
must be registered
between noon and 3:00pm.

America's Favorite Orchid Festival !

Fruit & Spice Park - 24801 SW 187th Ave.
Homestead, Florida - Admission $10.00
SAVE! 3-day pass only $25.00

FREE parking, potting and storage tent, international
food court, orchid supplies and informative lectures.
Bus tours welcome!


Congratulations to the winners of our 2016 raffle:
Larry Jacobsen of Key Largo
Judy Rodriguez of Miami
Pamela Paul of Loxahatchee
Theresa Sullivan of Miami

You can download and print a handy PDF map of the tent locations here
and vendor tent numbers here (print one side of an 8½x11 sheet).